Knowledge Through Experience

PMC is an industry leader in the performance audit and reconnaissance audits of utilities. This series of tasks provides the board of directors and the executive with a score card of the organization's absolute and comparative position. Fifty functional areas are reviewed against established performance criteria.

PMC designs services and products to fit the needs of its clients. PMC  has developed a service offering to provide energy utilities with a Code of Conduct process that will stand regulatory scrutiny. Each state that has instituted competition audits the conduct of the utility distribution operation to assess if any unfair practices have been or could be used to favor affiliated competitive companies over non affiliated suppliers. Deregulation

PMC has developed a strategy development process that combines the concept of the Balanced Scorecard, best practices and benchmarking

PMC has a well tested Administrative Management System (AMS) that provides project control for rate cases or other detailed projects. The AMS is a computer software system that can be used by any project requiring detailed tracking of work papers.

PMC provides analyses of Affiliated Transactions and Allocations Algorithms to avoid cross subsidization of competitive services by regulated services. Whether mandate audits under Section 272 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 or internal reconnaissance audits, PMC has extensive experience to satisfy the most demanding regulator.

PMC provides compliance audits with regulatory orders and agreements. This experience dates back to 1995’s review of Verizon’s competitive and regulatory business accounting, to 2000’s initial review of New Jersey’s three electric utilities compliance with deregulation standards, and 2009’s New Jersey review of the third round of compliance with those standards.