Knowledge Through Experience


The following provides overviews of a selection of PMC's contractual client assignments. Many of our assignments are part of the mandatory audit programs of state regulatory agencies. Thus, PMC complements the in-house regulatory understanding.

1.          Rockland Electric Company

An audit of the operations of a 72,000 customer electric distribution company. As a subsidiary of ORU, which itself is a subsidiary of CECO, Inc. (Consolidated Edison of New York’s holding company). The client was the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities; however, our cooperative approach led to interviews with top executives and directors at all levels. All recommendations, including a board restructuring, were accepted.

2.          Rockland Electric Company

An audit of the compliance with the electric competition regulations for New Jersey. This was the third such audit and the second by PMC. Consequently, PMC designed a comparative matrix to show all three audits’ findings.

3.          United Water-Suez Environmental

A comprehensive audit of this foreign-owned New Jersey water utility covering executive levels and director’s board organization. This audit required acknowledgement of cultural differences and regulatory experiences. While all recommendations were accepted by the utility, PMC was forced into recommending the establishment of an infrastructure replacement program. This required educating public advocates of reasonable life spans for mains, pumps, and other physical assets.

4.          Yankee Gas Company

This audit reviewed the fairness of the proposed acquisition of this distribution gas utility to CECO.

5.          SBC Illinois

Second and third year audits of this telecom's infrastructure investment were conducted for the Illinois Commerce Commission on an advanced schedule with on time and budget compliance of the 9000 hours of professional effort.

6.          Connecticut Natural Gas and Southern Connecticut Gas Company

Diagnostic review of the shared executive and operations of these acquisitions by EnergyEast Corporation. 

7.          SBC-Ameritech Illinois

Focused and detailed audit of infrastructure investment program requiring the verification of $3 billion in expenditures resulted in a major analysis of legacy accounting systems. The institution of a cooperative working relationship provided a unique and creative set of solutions to standing issues.

8.          Jersey Central Power & Light Company

A review of this electric utility's performance and conformance with deregulation rules from the corporate position and the New Jersey specific operations.

9.          Atlantic Electric Company

A review of this electric utility's performance and conformance with deregulation rules from the corporate position and the New Jersey specific operations.

10.      Rockland Electric Company

A review of this electric utility's performance and conformance with deregulation rules from the corporate position and the New Jersey specific operations.

11.      American Water Works Service Company

Executive level performance measurement system tied to strategic initiatives based on a benchmarking process and Balanced Score Card approach.

12.      New Jersey Water Supply Authority

A comprehensive study of manning, processes and organization that included the unique issues of identifying stakeholder values and preferences.

13.      Multi-State Gas Distribution Company

Diagnostic review of multi-state allocations and affiliate relationships for a natural gas distribution company to provide assurances of no cross subsidies.

14.      Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control

Adjunct to prosecutorial staff in challenge to rate case of Bridgeport Hydraulic that led to the structuring of a settlement and completion of the assignment within 23% of budget.

15.      Bell Atlantic-New Jersey

Detailed analysis of Embedded Analysis System used by Bell Atlantic to calculate affiliated transactions, allocations, separations of costs and cost transfers covering over 4500 algorithms.

16.      Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control

Adjunct to the prosecutorial staff in a natural gas rate case providing expert testimony on financial, benefits and pricing issues that led to recommendations to the Company in the order.

17.      American Gas Association

Joint assignment with our associate firm R. J. Rudden & Associates to provide strategic direction to an arm of the AGA and to establish a Balanced Score Card approach to performance.

18.      Multi-State Gas Company

Review of affiliated transaction accounting that led to recommended changes to assure regulatory compliance.

19.      Tennessee-American Water Company

Comprehensive management audit of this operating water company and its out-of-state service company that lead to acceptance and implementation of all recommendations.

20.      Elizabethtown Water Company

Comprehensive audit of this rapidly growing water company during structural change to meet competitive challenges. Implemented recommendations included the application of new energy regulations to reduce energy costs by low seven figures.

21.      Maryland Public Service Commission

A focused audit of Delmarva Power & Light Company [now Conectiv] covering affiliated transactions, management, regulatory affairs, strategic planning, compensation, conservation and customer services.

22.      Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

As an adjunct to staff, PMC provided quality assurance and technical overview of the Commonwealth's telecommunication infrastructure study conducted by Deloitte & Touché. Reports provided to staff and the Commission.

23.      Public Works Department Fayetteville North Carolina

Selected from a competitive field to assist in the assessment of the municipal utilities' readiness and requirements for future management and growth covering operations of electric and waste water, human resource management and organization structure.

24.      Penn Fuel Gas, Inc.

Conducted as part of the Pennsylvania PUC mandated audit program, PMC provided what became the basis of the Company's five year plan. 

25.      Mountaineer Gas Company

Conducted subsequent to acquisition from the Columbia System, this cooperative audit of organization, operations and corporate support led to expansion of the project to provide strategic options.

26.      Kansas Corporation Commission

Three phased review of organization, operations, executive management, staffing, system design and engineering led to an expansion of the study to advise the KCC in their review of acquisition by another gas distribution company.

27.      Sierra Pacific Power Company

Audit of electric, gas and water operations, as ordered by the Nevada Public Service Commission, following a competitive bidding process by the Company. Areas covered included compensation, benefits, staffing, organization and executive decision making.

28.      New Jersey-American Water Company

As part of the mandated audit program of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, PMC reviewed the newly formed company [three utilities had merged] and provided 62 implemented recommendations including cost effective fleet leasing and management.

29.      Tom's River Water Company

As part of the NJ BPU mandated audit program, PMC performed a review of the company's operations and service company agreements.

30.      Illinois Commerce Commission

As an adjunct to staff and reporting to the Executive Director, PMC trained staff in audit processes and quality assurance of professional consulting services. Assignment was twice renewed over a three year period as we performed quality assurance services over a third party review of Commonwealth Edison's nuclear construction program. PMC recommended a 70% reduction in the disallowance amount based on technical review of the third party work papers. 

31.      City of Springfield, Illinois, City Water, Light & Power

Three assignments included an audit of the electric, water and facilities operations, a follow-up implementation review, and focused review of cost allocations and franchise payments among CWL&P, the City and various departments of the City.

32.      Orange and Rockland Utilities

A focus study of the utility's manning and overtime activity for the Public Service Commission, State of New York.

33.      Saudi Industrialization Company

Consulted on the initial structure, organization, evaluation of investment processes and mission statement. Returned to the Company to reorganize the company from an investment company to a holding company with certain operating subsidiaries. Major shifts of emphasis were toward marketing and operating efficiencies.